We help people explore and find the value in their data.

We’ve entered the Age of Intelligence, data is coming at us faster than ever before. This exponential growth of data produced is matched only by the potential value it could bring to society – if we only had the means to analyze and make sense of it all.

Inzata was created to solve that problem.

Inzata is a powerful, revolutionary data analytics platform for integrating, exploring, and analyzing data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale. Powerful AI-assisted Modeling and a patented analytics engine help users quickly load, blend and model raw and unstructured data into powerful enterprise data models, actionable real-time analytics and engaging visualizations.

Empower People

We put data into action. We empower people to wield their data like the powerful business tool it should be.

Tell Your Story

Our products let your data tell your company’s story, with beautiful visualizations and an engaging, interactive user experience. Go beyond spreadsheets and slides and compose a powerful narrative about how your business is performing, and how you could make it better.

Profit from your Data

Inzata is the first platform to support comprehensive data monetization for businesses. Featuring numerous data enrichments from its Object Marketplace, Inzata is the ideal platform for turning passive data assets into highly-marketable analytics and profitable revenue streams.


The Inzata Team is a group of passionate BI & cloud experts with multiple years of experience between them. Our purpose is to build the fastest, most intuitive and useful Data Analysis tools and AI engines to help people explore, understand, and thrive in the Age of Intelligence.



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