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How Data Analytics is Humanizing Digital Businesses

Vendors are working hard to democratize analytics. Putting tools in the hands of all users — not just specialists — is also changing the way businesses operate.


Can the Insurance Industry Make Better Use of Big Data Analytics?

Big data has helped the financial services industry, including the insurance industry, evolve like never before. But are insurers utilizing big data to its fullest capacity or is there scope to do more?


Millennials, Their Digital Data & You

Using social media in insurance underwriting might be hard. Or, it could just take some negotiating.


SMBs and Big Data Analytics — Embrace These Best Practices

Big Data has become a mainstay in many established organizations, putting a lot of pressure on small and medium-sized businesses to up their game. But considering their traditionally smaller margin of error and budgets, SMBs must get Big Data right from the start.


Visualizing Big Data in Manufacturing

It is critical for large and small manufacturers to be able to utilize data to make smart design decisions.


3 Restaurant Leaders on the Big Hurdles to Brand-Boosting Big Data Use

If restaurant operators just have a huge list filled with sales and employee data and other reams of information, it can be very difficult to gain insights.


How Big Data Can Inform Investment Decisions

Investors and managers need more than just reams of information to make good decisions. They need to know what data are important and how to use them.


Big Data Analytics: the Top 3 Security and Compliance Challenges of 2019

While these data analysis insights are bringing many benefits to companies, there are also increasing concerns over the trustworthiness of this data as well as the security and compliance challenges regarding the way it is used.


How To Improve Supply Chains With Machine Learning: 10 Proven Ways

Enterprises are attaining double-digit improvements in forecast error rates, demand planning productivity, cost reductions and on-time shipments using machine learning today, revolutionizing supply chain management in the process.


Data-Driven Everything

The consumer goods, retail, fashion, and travel industries all reach these levels of personalization, but how can pharma marketers reach consumers on such an individualized level in such a regulated space? Enter data-driven marketing.


Doing it Big with Data: 7 Chicago Companies Detail How Big Data Leads to Real-World Impacts

Data experts at seven Chicago tech companies working with big data share just what they’re doing with the enormous sets of information they collect and how those efforts translate to tangible things in real life.


How to Build a Data Science Team

More companies are hiring data scientists. Here’s how to build a data and analytics team in your organization.


7 Dramatic Impacts of Big Data on Education

In the education sector, data analysis can change the way the teacher teaches and the students learn.


The Top 13 Best Data Analytics LinkedIn Groups Right Now

If you are a data and analytics professional and want to connect, share ideas and network with some of the brightest minds in the field, LinkedIn is a great resource.


Don’t Make These Data Science Mistakes in IoT

Data science is tough enough already. Whether you’re looking to act upon data collected from IoT sensors or human generators, don’t make it harder than it has to be by making these three common data science mistakes.


How Third-Party Information Can Enhance Data Analytics

If companies want to avoid flying blind, they have to master data analytics, and increasingly, this requires tapping into data from outside an organization’s four walls. Growing numbers of companies are doing so in pursuit of an analytical edge.


How Big Data Can Transform Transportation as We Currently Know It

Big data’s usefulness is not limited to changing the world of business — it also has the potentially to completely change transportation as we know it.


Credit Bureaus Turn to Data Analytics to Provide Holistic Credit Scores

Credit bureaus are increasingly focusing on custom data analytics and alternative data partnerships with fintech companies.


For the FBI, Data is Both a Blessing and a Curse

The FBI is facing a big data problem that is only going to get bigger.


How to Use Data Analytics to Improve Development and Design of e-Learning Platforms

Learning, development, and training programs are critical parts of an organization that wants to keep its workforce on its toes with the latest market trends and technological evolutions. However, successful and impactful learning and training programs are those that are designed, developed and managed in a way to increase employee productivity.


Saving the Environment with Data Analytics

Businesses which do this will be able to maintain stakeholder confidence, build customer loyalty and assure investors of their ability to recover from climate hazards.


The Top 7 Best Data Warehousing LinkedIn Groups

If you are a data warehousing professional and want to connect, share ideas and network with some of the brightest minds in the field, LinkedIn is a great resource.


4 Ways HR Teams Can Use Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Outcomes in 2019

Predictive analytics has emerged as a useful tool for HR teams, making them key players in determining the direction of an organization’s growth.


10 Emerging Trends in Analytics Every CIO Should Know About

Augmented analytics and “explainable AI” are just two changes to data and analytics technology that should have “significant disruptive potential”over operations in the next three to five years.


4 Ways to Improve Big Data Project Management

Improving your project management practices can help big data make an even bigger corporate impact.


Industry Voices—These Examples Show How Big Data is Already Saving Lives

Israel is making a big bet on big data in medical research and treatment. There are dozens of startups—and large companies—that are parsing anonymized medical data, outcomes and results for patients, and patient data for clues on how diseases develop, how they can be treated more effectively, and how they can be prevented.


Big Data – Significance and Scope in the Shipping Industry

The buzz word making rounds in the shipping industry today is Big Data. The otherwise slow-moving industry on the technological front can be seen quickly gearing up to avail the advantages that this latest trend has to offer.


How Big Data is Changing the Ways We Fight Fires

Big data may also be able to help fire departments use their resources more efficiently and ensure they are prepared when they get called out to an incident


The Difference Between Big Data and Machine Learning

Both data analytics and machine learning touch our everyday lives in more ways than ever before.


6 Ways Predictive Data Analytics are Reshaping Marketing

Predictive data analytics is quickly becoming the driving force behind modern marketing.


Predictive Analytics for Operations Grows 76% in 2 years

As companies begin to use the Internet of Things (IoT) within their operations, data being collected could prove useful for predictive analytics.


How Data Analytics Help Companies and Customers Connect on Social Media

Digital transformation requires a shift in traditional marketing. Karen Roby interviews the founder of a company that successfully uses data analytics to reach specific customers on social media.


Big Data And Analytics Is Helping Retailers and E-commerce Firms Streamline Warehouse Operations

Retail and e-commerce giants are known to leverage the technology extensively from product assortment to inventory management.


How Data Analytics Can Be a Boon for Enterprises

The growth of data in enterprises is calling for data analytics implementation…


How Big Data Is Changing Insurance

This is the cutting edge of the insurance industry, adjusting premiums and policies based on new forms of surveillance.


In Banking, Big Data Is Great… But Right Data Is Better

The smarter the financial sector becomes about data and technology advances and how to deploy personalized communications through segmentation, the greater the level of customer retention and loyalty will be.


A New Global Agriculture: Using Big Data to Bring Farmers Together

CGIAR is working to bring these analytical breakthroughs to farmers and to transform how farming research is conducted and potentially transform farming itself.


6 Ways Data is Changing Business as We Know It

Working with big data allows companies to get insights in ways that would either have remained hidden or been too time-consuming to extract without the help of technology.


How Modern Business Intelligence Shapes Up to Big Data

How have corporate business intelligence (BI) strategies evolved in recent years in the face of big data?


How Big Data is Impacting the Legal World

It’s time to start talking about how the information age is challenging our legal system. Here’s how big data is impacting the legal profession, and what leading experts in the field are doing to react.


Big Data’s Role in Self-Driving Car Development

Big data is changing industries worldwide, and deep learning is contributing to the progress towards fully autonomous vehicles.


How AI Can Power Business Intelligence to Deliver Better Insights

Many businesses are looking to supplement the capabilities of data science pros using the latest technologies available, such as analytics platforms empowered with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.


How Big Data is Reshaping the Future of the Music Industry

The revenue model of the music industry has been completely upgraded using data analytics


How Analytics Helps Private Equity Improve Due Diligence

Why private equity firms are increasingly deploying data analytics to help them buy right and buy smart in a challenging market


Big Data Analytics to Be Used for Tracking Expenditure Patterns by Income Tax Department

The goal is to identify and apprehend the tax evaders and encourage more and number of people to file returns and pay taxes.


Big Data Analytics Strategies are Maturing Quickly in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have quickly revved up their big data analytics strategies in an effort meet the challenges of value-based care


How AI Will Save Us From the Mess of Big Data

The big data revolution has come from inexpensive data storage and automated data collection – read how AI can help organize this data


Using Artificial Intelligence To Sense Buyer Intent

Over the last year or so, the process of anticipating a buyer’s intent has got even more scientific.


Data Science vs. Big Data vs. Data Analytics

An article by Forbes states that Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.


AI in Accounting: Moving Beyond Compliance

AI for finance. Faster data, insight and agility.