The system is intuitive to use and their understanding of data analytics is outstanding. The reporting speed and ability to configure custom dashboard for different use cases.

Frankie M.VP, Technology

The speed of the data refreshes and the continuing new features show me that the tool is maturing day by day. Working with the folks at Inzata has been the best part of the experience. Our lead contact and development contact are very helpful and knowledgeable, going above and beyond our to meet our requests.

Denis O.Director of Development

I loved the speed and flexibility. With just a little bit of expertise, you can build just about any data integration, visualization or computation.

I loved working with the engineering team, building on the platform, and creating something truly unique for a very niche issue. They got us where we needed to be and I am overwhelmingly grateful!

Michael M.Deputy Campaign Manager

The speed in which you can get from raw data to dashboards is incredible. The ability to interactively build your data model and add additional data sources to it is really something special.

Very rarely do you get to see something truly disruptive and game-changing. For any company that deals with disparate data sources and wants to free their staff up to other value added tasks... InZata is the solution. Watch out Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI... InZata is the real deal.

Nate V.VP Product Development

It's beyond ETL, way beyond. Because you never change the source data, you just map. In fact, you don't map it. Inzata's AI and machine learning do the mapping, which you can always refine and tweak. You can easily return to any previous state in a complex set of joins and calculations .

Inzata will build and export a data warehouse for you, if your team is most comfortable in a BI environment. But you'll never need to build cubes or re-run aggregations. In one analysis we used geo fields, household and shape area demographics, attitudes, behaviors and transactions and calculated attributes from internal and 3rd party sources. And they all just lined up. Perfectly.

Speed and Clarity: We're an analytics company; we have to learn new data sets from new industries all the time. Anyone in this business will tell you that data assembly, prep, and set up consumes 70-80% of effort in developing a solid Predictive Modeling ensemble. We've been Alteryx power-users for 15 years.

We bought 40 hours of professional services from Inzata and saved ourselves 2- 3 months of ETL drudgery, because In-Zata doesn't do ETL We built a 1000+ column by 2M row flat data set from 15 different source systems in less than 2 weeks.

Michael M.Deputy Campaign Manager

Inzata allows us to run any report we can think of to analyze our companies data to make better and smarter decisions. You name it and the Inzata platform either already has it or their team of experts is there to help create it or walk you through your alternatives.

I also love the fact that I know when we send them an email or give them a call we are going to have our questions answered promptly. Great customer service.

Phil RDirector of Technology