Inzata is transforming the way the world works with data.

“Inzata allowed us to finally bring all of our operational data in one place, and aggregate and analyze it in real time.

Rather than manually comparing logs and performance reporting from different silos, it’s all in one place and viewable through a single pane of glass.”

Frankie M.VP of Technology, DSM

“Our previous data analysis solution was unable to provide the power and automation we needed to focus on what really mattered: our customers.

Novelle’s analysts were spending an excessive amount of time combining and cleaning data. Now, our analysts use Inzata to eliminate tedious tasks, giving us more time to properly analyze the data for our customers.”

Melissa K.Senior Data Analyst, Novelle Health Partners

“I don’t believe I’ve seen any other platform that comes close to the value that the Inzata software and the wonderful team surrounding it provides. The continuous innovation they provide is one of the best parts. Where else could you ask for a new feature and have it up and running in 2-3 weeks at no additional cost?

I’d recommend them to anyone seeking to take working with data to the next level.”

Denis O’ConnelTechnology Director, Club Benchmarking

“Very rarely do you get to see something truly disruptive and game-changing. For any company that deals with disparate data sources and wants to free their staff up to other value added tasks… Inzata is the solution.

Watch out Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI… Inzata is the real deal.”

Bill L.CEO, Seer Analytics

“As we collect even more data today, Inzata keeps everything organized and integrated, so we can instantly get the answers we need.

Before Inzata, our information was spread across multiple systems and we were moving data around manually. It was inefficient and time-consuming, and frankly, I was worried it would limit our growth. Inzata eliminated that worry.”

Jason B.CEO, Golf Life Navigators