Only Inzata offers In-Memory Real Time ROLAP Multidimensional Analytics to meet the complex requirements and scalability demands of true enterprise Healthcare BI.  Our patented InROLAP analytic engine outperforms and scales better than any DBMS-based ROLAP engine at a fraction of the cost.  InROLAP is designed for REAL TIME AD HOC analysis and NEAR REAL TIME Data Updates. It uses distributed computing techniques (MapReduce, Distributed Storage, Cloud Platform) combined with massive parallel processing and in-memory aggregation to achieve:

  • unlimited enterprise data depth and breadth with rapid real time analytics;
  • support for extremely large and complex logical data models – no limit on dimensions or fact tables and no aggregation table preparation required;
  • virtually unlimited metric complexity through the use of embedded aggregation with dimensionality and recursive metric definitions with any filtering conditions;
  • fully automated complex query generation using our patented Analytic Query Language (AQL) that is optimized for multidimensional analysis
  • high linear scalability for large number of users working on multiple analytics applications with complex data models;
  • highly-complex ad hoc, and report generation speeds 5-20X faster than any DBMS SQL-based analytic engine; and
  • Big Data running on commodity hardware in the Cloud


Inzata’s BI tools set is optimized to run on the InROLAP engine and designed for:

  • rapid development and deployment of near real time augmented analytic applications;
  • streaming structured data ingestion and near real time updates; and
  • “No Code” data modeling with automated data integration on the physical level as well as “No Code” dashboard development for Analysts and “Code Friendly” Options for IT
automated data analytics pipeline data


Time to Value (TtV).   Only Inzata offers a complete end-to-end in-memory, ROLAP-based platform and optimized BI Middleware toolset that speeds up:

  • data exploration, preparation and modeling 50X
  • ad hoc analytics, reporting and data updating by 5-20X

Analytic teams will be able to onboard data, build and deploy multidimensional augmented analytics in as little as 30 minutes.

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IT teams will be able to build and deploy augmented enterprise analytic applications 10X faster.


TtV Benefits


Massive Productivity Increases In

Analytic Application SDLC


Low Cloud Computing Costs


Lowest TCO


Our previous data analysis solution was unable to provide the power and automation we needed to focus on what really mattered: our customers. Novelle’s analysts were spending an excessive amount of time combining and cleaning data.

Now, our analysts use Inzata to eliminate tedious tasks, giving us more time to properly analyze the data for our customers.

– Melissa K., Senior Data Analyst,
Novelle Health Partners

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