How Big Data is Changing The Way We Fly

Airline big data, combined with predictive analytics is being used to drive up airline ticket prices.

As airlines and their frequent flyer programs gather more intelligence on your day to day lifestyle, flying and financial position – they begin to build an airline big data profile.

Consumer interests, goals, psychometric assessment, your motivations in order to engage with a brand at any given every point throughout the day, what has driven you to purchase in the past – and most importantly – where your thresholds are.

To illustrate how data is playing a growing role within today’s flight booking engines I’ve broken down play by play how each piece of data collected about you can be used, analysed plus overlaid with other datasets to paint a picture of who you are, exactly what motivates and drives you to purchase a particular product.

Every day – trillions of calculations are number-crunched to transform this goldmine of data opportunity into real, tangible high-revenue opportunities for the airlines and their frequent flyer programs.

“When armed with key insights, a holistic overview associated with yours, and other customers’ detailed profiled information can be applied to direct booking channels which are designed to customize pricing for your personal situation at that very given moment. Here is…

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