How to Increase Diversity in the Tech Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is something that all tech companies should strive for. When appropriately embraced in the technology sector, diversity has been shown to increase financial performance, increase employee retention, foster innovation, and help teams to develop better products. For example, data marketing teams that have equitable hiring practices in regards to gender exemplify this.

While the particular benefits of a diverse workplace can help any company thrive, figuring out how exactly to improve diversity within tech workplaces can be a challenge. However, employing the diverse team is not impossible, and the rewards make diversification efforts well worth it.

Diversity Is Less Common Than You Might Think

Though the tech industry will be far more diverse today than it has been in the past, diversity still remains an issue across the sector. Even if those heading tech companies don’t engage in outright racism by fostering a hostile work environment towards people of color or discouraging the hiring of diverse groups, many tech companies still find themselves with teams that look and think alike. Homogeny creates complacency, insulates a workforce from outside perspectives, and ultimately prevents real innovation plus creativity from taking place.

Tech companies can be complicit in racism through hiring practices, segregation of existing…

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