Self-contained and affordable Big Data ecosystem for your business

Digging through your own data can be time consuming and frustrating, not to mention expensive. Don’t put off making crucial decisions because you’re worried about the reliability or timeliness of your data.

Act with confidence, knowing your data is clean and reliable, and represents the most-up-to-the-minute reflection of your enterprise. Inzata lets you instantly explore relationships within your and reveal trends.  We let you ask more of your data – and get reliable answers.

Improve Outcomes. Increase Efficiency. Deliver Profitability.

Combine information coming from multiple sources with tools that are secure, cost-effective and flexible 

  • Connecting IoT around all medical devices
  • Fraud Detection
  • Real time patient monitoring
Support Innovation. Spend with confidence. Guarantee your ROI.
  • Forecasting Trends
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Improving Store Layouts
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Measuring Brand Sentiment
Professional and Business Services
Improve Insight. Take Action. Maximize Effectiveness.
  • Staffing & Resource optimization
  • Human capital management
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Improve Customer Experience
Connect effectively. Communicate quickly. Design and Plan.
  • Network Failure Prediction
  • Network Optimization
  • Consumer Insight
  • Easy Integration into other systems
  • Advanced statistical analysis
Improve Insight. Develop Strategies. Explore and Discover.
  • Claims Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Personalized Plans

Experience what the Inzata platform can do for your business.

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