Inzata is a completely new experience for working with business data.

It's the fastest.
It's all-inclusive.
It's affordable.
It's powered by AI.
It's built to make your job easier.

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How Inzata is different from other data analytics tools:

Inzata automatically indexes and organizes your raw data on ingestion, even if the data comes from different files and formats, saving you countless manual hours of data prep and data integration.

Built-in one-click data enrichments improve your data’s quality and enhance its precision with external data, instantly.

With over 300 data connectors, even ones for streaming data, no other platform offers the capability to pull in any data, anywhere, in real-time.

No coding! No SQL! Inzata is an entirely drag-and-drop, visual interface for working with data. Other tools require extensive SQL and coding in the background to support data prep and dashboards.