Inzata helps a Cloud Company Deliver the
Data-Driven Cloud for its Customers

DSM is a regional cloud and managed services provider serving the industry for over 30 years.

It provides innovative IT solutions for data protection, data recovery, managed services through an innovative technology-first approach that combines process automation and advanced technology to deliver superior IT infrastructure solutions.

DSM’s cloud systems produce a large amount of log and performance data about how their cloud resources are performing, and how they’re being consumed by their clients. DSM wanted to centralize this data in order to turn it into actionable intelligence to improve how they run their operations.


Information Technology | MSP

The Challenge

Unstructured Data | Decentralized Reporting | Segregated Log & Performance Data | Operational Performance vs. Financial Results Reporting

What We Did

Data Standardization | Data Cleaning | Ad-Hoc Analysis

The Reason

As a major regional cloud infrastructure provider, DSM leads its competition in bringing new operational innovations to market. When DSM determined that their customers wanted to purchase and consume cloud infrastructure in new and unique ways, they turned to Inzata to help them construct the metrics and analytics allowing them to do so.

Inzata integrated data from a variety of DSM’s infrastructure and operational systems across all of their data centers.

Operational performance data was combined with financial billing information to calculate true infrastructure utilization and profitability stats across DSM’s US-wide data center footprint, infrastructure and clients.

These new capabilities helped DSM roll out sophisticated new usage-based and performance-based billing programs to their customers, saving clients money and improving DSM’s asset utilization and forecasting.

Pricing and Billing Structure Reinvented

Using Inzata’s analytics, DSM was able to develop innovative new pricing and billing models (consumption based) for cloud infrastructure.

Enhanced Business Operations & Performance

Consolidated and unified data center operations and performance data to a single pane of glass. Faster identification, troubleshooting, and resolution of operational issues.

“Inzata allowed us to finally bring all of our operational data in one place, and aggregate and analyze it in real time.

Rather than manually comparing logs and performance reporting from different silos, it’s all in one place and viewable through a single pane of glass.”

Frankie M., Director of Product Management


Immense reduction in issue research and resolution time across all data centers.

The Bottom Line

“The impact from Inzata on our operations has been felt everywhere. Inzata’s tools helped us reduce the time our staff spends searching for answers in our environment by about 90%.

Now I have a single operational summary that tells me how everything is performing in unison – data centers, networks, servers, employees and clients.

We can instantly get to the root of what’s happening in our environment, and have a much better idea of the downstream impacts, and can make more informed decisions at all levels.”

-Greg M., Chief Operating Officer, DSM