Inzata helps Golf Life Navigators
automate their business, improve agility,
and open up new revenue sources


GLN is “eHarmony meets Zillow for Golf”- Golf MagazineTM

Golf Life Navigators helps avid golfers make one of their most important life decisions, as their ultimate resource in discovering, experiencing and securing the ideal golf lifestyle.

Collecting thousands of data points through its online survey tools every week, GLN wanted to get more value from its business data through analytics, improve its online matching algorithms, and speed up its analysis cycle to extract greater insights.

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Private Golf Clubs, Online Real Estate

Inzata Data Enrichments Used

Geo-enrichment, Date Enrichment, Advanced Consumer Demographics

The Challenge

Disparate Data | Manual Reporting

“Before Inzata, our information was spread across multiple systems and we were moving data around manually. It was inefficient and time-consuming, and frankly, I was worried it would limit our growth.”

– Jason H. Becker, PGA, CEO, Golf Life Navigators

The Benefits

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Quick Time to Value

“We were up and running on Inzata in just a few days. They integrated our CRM, website, Proguide and club data into a single model for our entire business. In less than a month, we had analytics on every single part of our business.”

Digital Transformation

Inzata’s advanced analytics allowed GLN to build the industry’s most sophisticated matching algorithms and completely automate their client-to-club matching process. The time to deliver value to customers was reduced from 24 hours to less than 4 seconds, an 8000x improvement.

Generating New Revenue from Insights

“In just a few weeks, we realized how much more valuable our data was with Inzata, and our business partners did as well. Inzata helped us easily publish and share our analytics and trends with different audiences. We really started to see the benefits of being a data-driven company.”

Transforming into an Industry Data Leader

“With a constant influx of data points and our push for rapid growth targeting more than 300 new clubs by the end of the year, we are increasingly becoming the number one source for clubs and consumers in all aspects of consumer and club connections.”

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The Bottom Line

“As we collect even more data today, Inzata keeps everything organized and integrated, so we can instantly get the answers we need.

Inzata has surpassed our expectations and we consider them our top partner as an organization ready to disrupt multiple industries. In the foxhole together, we are reshaping a landscape that is starving for data, analytics, and trends.”