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Using Big Data to Protect the Environment & Reduce Landfill Waste

MSW helps local governments monitor the compliance of businesses and waste haulers with state recycling and landfill-reduction laws. Their unique data-driven approach uses data from thousands of individual sources to provide critical performance information to local businesses, waste producers, waste management companies, and government overseers.

MSW’s growing business with State and Local government was straining under the weight of incoming data from more than 1,000 individual sources. MSW needed a way to quickly organize, model, and analyze this waste management data so it could turn around analysis and answers to its customers, partners and constituents.


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The Challenge

Siloed Data Sources (Thousands) | Unformatted & Unstandardized Data | Excessive Time Consumption | Data Quality | Proper Data Modeling

What We Did

Data Standardization | Data Modeling | Create Real-Time Data Flows | Improve Data Throughput

The Reason

MSW was manually receiving and transforming daily data from waste haulers received via their web application.

The data had to be uploaded / downloaded multiple times per day, then manually transformed and cleaned which took multiple days.

MSW wanted a simpler, more scalable way. MSW also wanted to build real-time data pipelines to waste hauler software systems (APIs) in order to streamline the process of data collection.

AI-Powered Data Integration From Thousands of Sources

Inzata’s AI-powered data modeling integrated MSW’s multiple disparate data sources into a unified data model that was mapped to its thousands of sources, in just a few days.

Inzata’s InFlow module was used to create real-time data pipelines to all of its upstream and downstream business partners.

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Automated Data Processing

Inzata automated more than 60 hours of manual data processing tasks per week for MSW’s staff, and improved its processing time and throughput by 800%.

Reduced Data Complexity = Increased Accessibility

Inzata’s InModeler simplified MSW’s enterprise data model for recycling compliance tracking, consolidating and aggregating thousands of individual data points into meaningful summaries and rollups.

This reduced complexity for its analysts and made its information products more accessible to its customers.

“We chose Inzata after evaluating a number of platforms. At first, we thought an application platform would accomplish our needs, but once we saw Inzata, we knew it was the right fit for us. We’re in the process of moving even more of our infrastructure on to Inzata. It’s a complete end-to-end platform. Any feature we can think of, they offer it.

We’re really excited about the future growth of our business built on Inzata. Now we can stop worrying about data and IT and focus completely on our customers. We’re pumped.”

David Davis, President, MSW Consultants

Data Throughput Increased

Data Flow Standardization

Every week, MSW now consolidates information from thousands of companies into a single unified, standardized flow. Its data throughput was increased by over 800%.

The Bottom Line

“I was impressed with how quickly Inzata was able to model and organize our extremely complex data landscape. I’ve never seen AI do something like this before, but it works very well.

I was able to free up over 250 hours of staff time per month, now our data just flows where it’s supposed to. We’re really glad we found Inzata.”

-Craig S., Senior Consultant, MSW Consultants