Novelle Health Partners

Inzata provided the tools needed to eliminate over 80 hours
a month of data cleaning per analyst.

Novelle provides Population Health Software and Provider Information Services to physicians and health care providers across the US.



The Challenge

Siloed Data Sources | Unformatted & Unstandardized Data | Excessive Time Consumption

What We Did

Data Standardization | Data Cleaning | Ad-Hoc Analysis

The Reason

“Novelle’s data, revenue, and payment analyst teams were in need of a tool that allowed them to dig into complex data and information to create practical analysis dashboards.

Our current tools hindered these team’s abilities to properly empower our physician networks with enriched and actionable intelligence. We had the data – we needed a stronger tool.”

Inzata Eliminated Novelle’s Manual Data Cleaning Tasks

Over 80 hours of manual data prep and cleaning eliminated by utilizing Inzata’s unique and automated integration framework.

“Inzata’s automated software creates seamless connections between different sets of data from a wide variety of sources and eliminates hours of manual work for analysts.”

-Melissa K., Senior Data Analyst

Enriched Data = More Practical Reports

By using Inzata’s One-Click Enrichments™️ to expand and enhance their current data sets, Novelle’s analysts were provided with the amount of valuable data needed to provide the most accurate and practical reports possible.

This gave way to furthering their ability to empower their physician networks with powerful & actionable intelligence.

Advanced Ad-Hoc Mode

Inzata’s Advanced Ad-Hoc Mode empowers Novelle’s physician end-users to explore data with drill-anywhere capability and perform their own ad-hoc analysis. This frees up Novelle’s analysts to create innovative new analytics and dashboards, rather than configuring custom, one-off reports.

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“Inzata’s support team has worked with our company to develop any new features and functions that we need to help us with creating visualizations for our data and does it quickly.”

Per Month of Manual Data Cleaning Eliminated

Thanks to Inzata’s unique & automated integration framework

Novelle’s analysts said goodbye to manual data cleaning when they began using Inzata’s built-in ETL automation to take over the tedious tasks that come with data prep and cleaning.

The Bottom Line

“Our previous data analysis solution was unable to provide the power and automation we needed to focus on what really mattered: our customers.

Novelle’s analysts were spending an excessive amount of time combining and cleaning data.

Now, our analysts use Inzata to eliminate tedious tasks, giving us more time to properly analyze the data for our customers.”

-Melissa K., Senior Data Analyst, Novelle Health Partners