Inzata helps rocket a campaign for
Florida’s governor to the top of the polls

In May 2017, Adam Putnam (R, FL) announced his campaign for Florida governor in the 2018 election. He was one of eight candidates running for the Republican party nomination.  The campaign was begun in a grass-roots manner, with a small campaign office in Bartow, FL, Adam’s hometown.


Political Campaign, Political Parties

Inzata Data Enrichments Used

Geographic, Date, Consumer Demographics

The Challenge

Massive Raw Data | Multiple Sources | Tight Timelines

“In a campaign, things move incredibly quickly. We wanted data to drive our decisions, but with more than 100 different sources of data on polls, voters, donations, events and media, we lacked the skilled manpower to bring it together, much less analyze it. We looked at many other tools before finding Inzata. Nothing else was up to the task.”

– Michael Marinacchio, Deputy Campaign Manager, Putnam for Governor

The Benefits

Quick Time to Value

“We were up and running on Inzata in just a few days. In less than 2 weeks, we had used Inzata to build and analyze the largest political dataset in state and party history 2,200 individual data points on each of 14 million prospective voters. Inzata became the backbone of our campaign. Nothing else came close to Inzata’s speed of integrating and modeling the data. Inzata’s AI is amazingly fast and accurate.”

Digital Transformation

“Inzata allowed us to build the largest integrated dataset of voter data in the history of our party. The way Inzata’s artificial intelligence was able to rapidly bring together data from more than 100 individual sources was remarkable. We really never thought it could be done so quickly.”

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Real-time insights

“With Inzata, we built real-time data pipelines from state election data sources. Inzata’s enrichments helped us to pinpoint exactly what was going on with voter registration activity and ballots cast around the state, in real time, which let us really target our media and messaging.

Inzata powered our digital “war room”. We had Inzata’s visualizations up on multiple screens at once, with dozens of campaign workers reading insights and reacting within seconds. It let us pinpoint our media and campaign activity within the right districts, the right audience and exactly the right message for maximum effect.”

The Bottom Line

“I love the speed and flexibility. With just a little bit of expertise, you can build just about any data integration, visualization or computation.

I loved working with the engineering team, building on the platform, and creating something truly unique for a very niche issue. They got us where we needed to be and I am overwhelmingly grateful!”

Michael Marinacchio, Deputy Campaign Manager, Putnam for Governor