Inzata helps Seer Analytics build machine learning algorithms for insurance lead scoring in record time.

Seer delivers packaged solutions and custom predictive analytics services.  Melding business, consumer, and 3rd party data, Seer helps clients make informed predictions, illuminate opportunities, and achieve their goals.

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Data Science, Machine Learning, Consulting

Inzata Data Enrichments Used

Geographic, Date, Consumer Demographics

The Challenge

Disparate Data | Manual Reporting

“In our business, being able to quickly merge and integrate large datasets, and get them into the structure and shape to train our machine learning algorithms is crucial.”

“Every minute of effort we can remove from the process means better results, happier customers, and better profitability. We were spending up to 80% of a project’s time just integrating and preparing data for training datasets. In order for our business to sustain growth, we began looking for force multipliers that used AI and automation to eliminate this manual work. The Inzata solution was a perfect fit for us.”

– Bill Lazarus, CEO, Seer Analytics Inc.

The Benefits

Quick Time to Value

Inzata’s data analysis tools have really sped up our productivity. It would take months to collect, ingest, organize and clean large datasets for our machine learning models. Now we do it in days.

"I wish this existed back when I rolled out a 120TB Hortonworks cluster."

With Inzata’s InFlow & InModeler, 90% of data prep time is eliminated. All of the transformations and prep steps become automated. The AI-modeling does an incredible job of accepting new data files and fitting them into the master model. Now we can focus more time on feature selection and tuning and producing the most accurate models. It’s really sped up our performance and greatly improved turnaround time to our customers. – Nate Valentin


"The most capable platform I have ever seen."

The speed at which you can get from raw data to analytics is incredible. The ability to interactively build your data model and add additional data sources to it is really something special.

The benefits Inzata provides have paid for the tool many times over in gained productivity and efficiency.

The Bottom Line

“Very rarely do you get to see something truly disruptive and game-changing. For any company that deals with disparate data sources and wants to free their staff up to other value added tasks… Inzata is the solution. Watch out Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI… Inzata is the real deal.”