The Southern Group

The Southern Group Uses Big Data to Improve its Lobbying and Consulting Practices

The Southern Group provides one-stop, turnkey solutions for governmental relations for thousands of clients in the US. From local to state government, The Southern Group and its host of affiliated lobbying firms provides expert guidance needed to navigate the halls of power.

TSG’s goal was to explore and analyze data they had gathered to learn more about how their current clients and potential clients interact with government agencies. The purpose of this was to develop deeper insights on the relationships and activities of the agencies their clients interact with, all on a single screen.



The Challenge

Isolated Data Sources | Uncategorized Data

What We Did

Data Standardization | Data Cleaning | Ad-Hoc Analysis

The Reason

TSG started to become aware of the growing amount of state government data being shared online that could hold potential value for its clients. While located across multiple locations in piecemeal form, TSG saw potential value if this data could be brought together, organized, and used to develop better models on the agencies and clients they work with. The predictive and analytical value of this kind of data would hold tremendous value for TSG clients.

TSG needed to collect and consolidate these publicly available data sources to a single place, allowing them to improve their search scope and capabilities to better understand their business landscape.

Automated Data Consolidation

With all pertinent business data now available in a single place, artfully modeled and organized, TSG gained the ability to answer advanced questions that take into account multiple data points from numerous sources.

Multiple filtering and sorting parameters provided TSG with the unprecedented ability to produce granular analysis for complex business processes and interactions.

Accelerated Data-Driven Decision Making

With Inzata, TSG’s data is now accessible to every corner of the organization, supporting data-driven decision making at all operational levels.

The consolidation of data from multiple disparate sources into one curated repository, and the ability to create customized business views of that data allowed for TSG’s decision making to be no longer intuition based, and has become 100% data-informed.

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“Inzata’s automated data connectors and consolidation paved the way to a more functional, data-informed, & data driven future for TSG.”

– Erin R., The Southern Group

Real-time insights into more than 200 state agencies

Advanced Benchmarking for Industry Competitors

TSG has insights into the activities of more than 200 agencies across the state. TSG can benchmark business performance in real-time against multiple peer-groups to track things like market share, sales effectiveness, and customer churn.

For TSG and its customers, this advanced, up-to-the-minute data analysis has proven invaluable. It gives them a major time and informational advantage over their competition, and allows them to be more agile and responsive to their clients and the state government agencies they serve.