The Age of Intelligence has begun.  Are you in?


 Gather, explore, and analyze all your data

Produce beautiful visualizations for every audience


Born in the Cloud

Industry-leading resource efficiency

Up to 5x faster than other solutions

Work with hundreds of data sources with scalable data storage

Guided Discovery

Quickly uncover new relationships and insights with AI-assisted data exploration. Rapidly ingest data from different sources and start producing high quality analytical models of customers, product performance and your business.

Smart Insights and Visuals

Create intuitive and engaging visuals for any audience. Let your data tell its story. Interactive dashboards reveal answers to questions, hidden trends, and make your business more data-driven.


A personal, knowledgeable guide beside you on your exploration journey

You don’t have to do it alone.  Through a combination of advanced algorithms and live user interaction, Inzata has created the first Artificial Intelligence Assistance platform for data exploration and modeling. Navigate through more data faster with the help of a powerful AI-assistant. Inzata automatically profiles data, offering up new insights and suggestions based on real-time analysis of your data. Classify values, understand context, and capture subtle relationships between data.