Setting up an Analytics Team for Success = Get Fuzzy!

Building on our month focussed on controversial topics, let’s turn to what will set your team up for success.

Different contexts can require different types of the analytics team. A lot of the advice that I offer within the Opinion section of this blog is based on a lifetime leading teams in large corporates. So , I’m pleased to partner with guest bloggers from other settings.

So, over to Alan to explain why getting “fuzzy” is the way for an analytics team to see success in the world of startups…

Get fuzzy! Why it will be needed

My co-founders and I have recently had to face up to this challenge of creating a new data analytics team having set up our new firm Vistalworks, earlier in 2019. Thinking about this challenge, reflecting on what we know, and getting the right answer (for us) has been an enlightening process.

With 70-odd years of experience between us, we have plenty of examples of what not to do in data analytics groups, but the really valuable question has been what should we do, and exactly what conditions we should set up in order to give our new team the best chance to be successful.

As all of us talked through this issue my main personal observation was that successful data analytics teams, of whatever size, have…

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