Harness the tools and techniques of billion-dollar presidential campaigns.
Target the right messages to the right audiences in the right mediums, quickly and efficiently.

Tap Into Big Data to support your Campaign, Fundraising or Political Advocacy Initiative

The power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and over 1,000 curated public and licensed political data sources.

Inzata’s comprehensive election data is a unique combination of hard data points, supplemented by predictive modeling. Our datasets incorporate extensive political identification, behavior history, coalition and membership information collected from in-person, phone and online surveys, as well as detailed lifestyle, demographic and consumer data.

Centralize ALL your Campaign Data,
Work On it in One Place

Being able to process, interpret and react to new data – on-the-fly – is incredibly important in a political campaign. Track everything going on – for both your candidate and opponents – to understand what’s taking place in real-time. Organize waves of data with automated tools from Inzata.  Simple collection, instant insights.

  • Fundraising Data
  • Census Data
  • Get Out The Vote Data
  • Donations
  • Opponent Analysis
  • Voter Registrations
  • Canvassing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Advertisements
  • Door-knock
  • Polls
  • Online Surveys
  • Outreach Data
  • Voter History Data
  • Eventbrite/Events Data
  • Stripe
  • Dialer Data
  • Voter Demographics
  • Append Services
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Predicted Turnout
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Consumer Data
  • Media Market Data

Trusted by Campaigns & Organizations of All Sizes

“Inzata became the backbone of our campaign. Nothing else came close to Inzata’s speed of integrating and modeling the data. Inzata’s AI is amazingly fast and accurate.”

Our Data Partners

Analytics to Power the Data Driven Campaign

With predictive analytics and high-precision targeting, even small campaigns are able to micro-target the voters they need, talk about the issues voters care about, and excite people to turnout and vote.

datasets data analytics

"In 2008, the DNC spent $280,000 on software to build a 180-million-person voter file, including data about volunteers, donors, and those who had interacted with Obama online.

Today, that same power can be had for 1/20th the price, with improved speed and accuracy."

- MIT Technology Review

Cross reference demographic information with voter behavior.

Understand how fundraising and contributions correlate to voter behavior.

Learn which media channels and messages are having the greatest persuasive impact, in real-time.

How it Works

Political Campaign Data Analytics - Campaign Data Analysis - Political Data Strategy
Connect ALL your campaign data sources into one data hub: Polls, Field data, Persuasion, Voter demographics, Voter history, Event & Fundraising data
Blend and model into 360° views: Registered Voters, Frequent Voters, Primary Voters, Swing Voters.
Enrich your campaign data with public and 3rd party sources: State voting stats, voting history, advanced demographics, social media, sentiment analysis. Use Artificial Intelligence to model demographic shifts and predict voting outcomes based on the latest polling and sentiment data in REAL TIME.
Keep every level of your Campaign informed with recent, accurate information through dashboards, visualizations, Multimedia War Rooms & alerts. Always be on top of what’s happening.
Use your newly gained insights to target and prioritize Persuasion efforts, media buys and scheduling, and track the effectiveness of messaging and channels in real-time.

"The most precious resource in any campaign is the candidate's time.
Inzata helps you make the most of it."

- Michael M. Marinaccio,
Deputy Campaign Manager & Inzata User

Use Data Analysis to Optimize your Candidate's Schedule and Message Strategy

Your candidate is the most visible person in your campaign, but are they spending their time where it will have the greatest impact?

History has taught us that where candidates speak, and what mediums and messages they use can have enormous impacts on election outcomes. Knowing where persuasion and messaging campaigns are actually needed, and which medium(s) to use to ensure communication are critical to victory.

What is the most effective strategy for a given venue?  A two hour speech or a 15 minute speech followed by an hour of photos and shaking hands?

What message are the voters at the event most looking to hear? Candidates that master these arts of communication are the most successful.

What is the event’s makeup? Mostly supporters? Potential donors? Undecideds? Knowing your audience is the key to effective events.

Track the effectiveness of campaign efforts over time. Analyze effectiveness of messaging with ongoing survey and sampling data.

Supercharge fundraising efforts by understanding what makes people show up and give.

Real-Time Polling and Sampling of Populations.

What’s the best way to know what someone’s thinking in the moment?  Reach out and ask them! Inzata is the first election data platform to feature real-time polling and sampling of target populations. Inzata automatically creates online polls & surveys around the gaps in information you identify. It then reaches out to groups and individuals and integrates the results into your dataset in real-time. Timely, accurate, 1st party information sourced directly from the audiences you care about.

The Bottom Line