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Inzata is an "all-in-one" data analytics software

It's an end-to-end platform with all these data analysis tools in one.
Data analytics software that automatically cleans and connects data from any source at any scale
Data lake that stores and organizes your data
AI-assisted data modeler
Data enrichment tool
Data visualization tool

Having data dashboards is super helpful on not only the student level but for us in curriculum.

We see a lot of data but unless we can display it in a way we can understand, it’s useless. That’s where Inzata comes in. It helps us make data more understandable and actionable

Tina Barrios

CIO & Assistant Superintendent , Polk County Schools

About Inzata

Data Analytics Software

Get Accurate, Relevant & Clean Data in Minutes

Struggling with data across multiple applications,
systems & spreadsheets?

Let Inzata make sense of it all—automate the process of cleaning, connecting and modeling your data for analysis.

Powered by AI, Inzata is guaranteed to connect to all your top applications & data sources with no coding. Plus, at 1000x faster than other methods. Get accurate insights every time.


Fastest Way to Build a Data Warehouse

You Will Be Up & Running in Days Not Months

Old Technology

Spreadsheets Path

Repeated effort. Manual processes. Hours cleaning data to build reports

Too much time. Doesn’t scale. Can’t keep up!

Traditional Data Warehouse Path

Data Warehouse Design


ETL Development


Old Way (5-8 Months)

New Technology

Optimized with

Minutes Not Months

Auto Generate Data Model & Mappings

Enrich Data

(1-3 min/per Enrichment)

Start Building Dashboards!
New Way (2-3 Days)

Cool Vendor

Data Management

Best AI Platform

Data Management

Corporate Excellence Awards

Inzata Named

Best AI-Powered Big Data Analytics Platform 2022

Inzata is a fast-growing technology company that has developed an AI platform that helps companies make better decisions by leveraging the enormous amounts of data they have.

Great product, outstanding customer service & support! Inzata has been phenomenal. The product is great and supports our needs. The staff has been really helpful and hands-on with training, customization, troubleshooting, etc.

Ashley Purcell

Assessment & Accountability Lead, Polk County Schools

Gather, Clean & Blend Data Automatically

Connect All Your Data Sources

Tired of spending hours doing this manually or paying for extra data scientists to help? Stop the madness!

Inzata’s AI is guaranteed to connect all your top applications and datasources with no coding and no SQL required.

What others are saying about us

Phil R. Technology Director

Inzata data analytics software lets us run any report we can think of to analyze our company’s data to make better and smarter decisions.

You name it and the Inzata platform either already has it or their team of experts is there to help create it or walk you through your alternatives.

I also love the fact that I know when we send them an email or give them a call we are going to have our questions answered promptly. Great customer service.

Michael M. Deputy Campaign Manager

I loved the speed and flexibility of this data analysis software. With just a little bit of expertise, you can build just about any data integration, visualization or computation.

I loved working with the engineering team, building on the platform, and creating something truly unique for a very niche issue.

Inzata got us where we needed to be and I am overwhelmingly grateful!

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5 Star Reviews by Verified Inzata Users

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