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Many data companies believe that they have to create their own datasets in order to see the benefits of data analytics, but this is far from the truth. There are hundreds of thousands of free datasets on the internet that anyone can access completely free. These datasets can be useful for anyone who is looking to learn how to analyze data, create data visualizations, or just improve their data literacy skills.
Entities Matching is a crucial component in the process of data integration, and it is supported by Inzata's advanced AI/ML library.

Augmented analytics programs touch every point of the data lifecycle, from preparation to implementation...

Currently, three digital storage options dominate the market: data warehouses, data lakes, and data lakehouses. How do you know which one is

We’re well into the Digital Age, but some businesses have yet to harness digital transformation...

Business intelligence is more than just a buzzword. Today’s BI apps and offerings give companies the edge they need to stay competitive in a market

Data is like a crystal ball. It provides insight into market trends, customer behavior, and back-office logistics...

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