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Top 10 Cities Offering Great Salaries for Data Scientists

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Data Scientists Demand

Demand for data scientists is not backing off any time soon, as job postings for the high-expertise, high-pay position keeps on growing rapidly, as indicated by a report from job search site

Job postings for data scientists rose 75% between January 2015 and the same month in 2018, Indeed found. That development has stayed steady throughout the previous two years, rising by 16% from January 2016 to January 2017, and by 17% from January 2017 to January 2018. Searches by job seekers for data science jobs have additionally risen rapidly, up 65% from January 2015 to January 2018. In any case, that pace is presently moderating, and climbed just 5% from 2017 to 2018, compared with 9% the prior year.

As businesses continue expanding over the world, the cities with a unique spotlight on data technology positions and openings are on the ascent internationally. With the business candidates moving to various urban areas looking for better opportunities all in want to become wildly successful in the business. Let’s look at the urban cities over the globe that offers the best opportunities with regard to the position of data scientists.


1. Lexington Park, The United States

It’ s the leading state in the nation, when we find within the term of work creation and openings in STEM fields it is viewed as the best one. It is primarily referred to for its flourishing community because the pay of a data scientist here is evaluated at $97,222.


2. Phoenix, Arizona

Another rising star in innovation, Phoenix flaunts warm climate, fantastic cost of living, and a lot of culture. The normal compensation for a data scientist here is near $140, 000 by and large, while the normal middle pay is just shy of $50,000.


3. San Jose, California

It would be a blessing from heaven to work in Silicon Valley. Any tech fans would be excited to work there. It’s a rising hotspot, drawing data scientists all over the globe. The expected compensation of a chief data scientist in Silicon Valley stands at $131,955 per annum.


4. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the most up to date cloud gateways in Europe, and home to a bunch of enormous data centers. It incorporates server farms including Google, Amazon, and Facebook, drawing in the absolute best talent in data science. Normal compensations intended for a Lead Data Scientist float at pretty much $100,000 or multiple times the national salary average.


5. Bengaluru, India

The other city is Bengaluru where you will witness that analytics market is high and thought to be the best within the nation, with the state govt, new companies associated with analytics and technology individuals contributing generously for the sector’s advancement. If we see the normal pay, it is nearly evaluated to be Rs.12 Lakh (around $17,500 US) per year.


6. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston may have higher real estate and living expenses, but it offers history, culture, higher education opportunties, plus the most distinguished community of academics with MIT and Harvard right nearby. Average total remuneration will be about $141,000, as an offset to the higher than normal cost of living.


7. Geneva, Switzerland

Despite the fact that the European nation is one of the costliest urban centers, if you happen to arrive in the position of a data scientist in the city, worry not. The city is positioned as one of the top in Europe for Data Scientist compensation. According to a recent report, the mean compensation of an analyst begins in 180,000 Swiss Fr (The Swiss Franc is about equal to the US dollar, so that’s around $180,000 US. The chief data scientist role can fetch as much as 200,000 Swiss Fr with an average signing bonus of around 9,650-18,000 Swiss Fr.


8. London, UK

London is a main hub for artificial intelligence and FinTech along with a 1-billion-pound deal between the UK government and more than 50 tech organizations around the globe vested in AI. The typical cost of living is high when you consider the average pay (simply over $57,000), yet there are a little more than 2000 current job postings and a lot of chances in order to network your way to the absolute most critical projects in data science.


9. Pulau Ujong, Singapore

This is among the leading Asian urban cities to offer appealing pay and a promising profession to lure data scientists. The particular nation, with its flourishing tech network, is usually a hot destination for new companies, VCs and other technology goliaths to begin their business within the field of developing tech. The Average compensation of the data scientist is definitely assessed to become at US$71,036 per annum.


10. Paris, France

Paris has a lower price of living compared to some other Western hubs and offers been handpicked by renowned organizations like IBM and Amazon which have development labs, while Facebook, Samsung, and Deepmind plan to open AI-oriented labs. It’ s noteworthy, brimming with art plus phenomenal food, and features an average pay of about US$55,350, which could grow rapidly as substantial commitments to IT spending from the French government boost interest.

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