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Enrichment Name Enrichment Description Category Type
Advanced Area Demographics (Complete) 150 area demographic values by location, household income, household size, unemployment rate, household size General Dimension
AAD – Age, Race, Ethnicity Demographics Detailed ethnicity % makeups based on the most recent census data General Dimension
AAD – General Economic Conditions Economic conditions, local economic growth, unemployment rate, % of workers in different employment categories General Dimension
AAD – General Housing Details on households & housing information: home value, time in residence, household size, etc. General Dimension
AAD – General Social Features Social details including public assistance recipients, military service history, General Dimension
In-depth Health Insurance Coverage Statistics Detailed information on individual and family healthcare insurance coverage General Dimension
Weather Enrichment (Complete) Adds historical weather condition based on data and location. temp, rain, snow, humidity, degree cooling, etc. (History back to 2013) General Dimension
Weather – Temperatures Detailed Temperature & Degree Days stats by day for United States Zip Codes General Dimension
Weather – Precipitation/Snowfall/Rainfall Detailed precipation stats by day for United States Zip Codes General Dimension
Weather – Wind and Humidity Detailed Wind (Direction, sustained, gusting) and Humidity stats by day for United States Zip Codes General Dimension
Date Enrichment Adds expanded data dimension – day, week, month, quarter, year, week-of-year, month-of-quarter, etc. General Dimension
Geo_Dimension Geographical dimension extending ZIP code: city, state, county, Geo coordinates, etc. General Dimension
NAICS_Dimension North American Industry Classification System dimension General Dimension
SIC_Dimension Standard Industrial Classification dimension General Dimension
Verified Consumer Email Append Append Verified emails to person data General Dimension
Geospatial – Dwelling Detail Details on individual dwelling, housing, apartments, etc. General Dimension
Geospatial – Lot and Parcel, Real Estate Lot, Land and Real Estate detail append General Dimension
Individidual/Household Financial Data Append household personal finance data to person records General Dimension
Traffic Almanac Data Historical Traffic conditions and road closure data by location General Dimension
Consumer and Business Address Standardization Standardize street addresses against national database General Dimension
Political Contribution and Voting History Political behavior General Dimension
Country Code Translates ISO standard numeric, 3 alpha, or 2 alpha country codes and expands them out to subarea, area, subregion, region General Dimension
Data Quality – Null and Missing Values Statistics Cluster of metadata and dashboards for measuring and improving the quality of incoming data loads. General Cluster
DRGv34_Dimension ICD-10-CM/PCS MS-DRG v34 (Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups) dimension Healthcare Dimension
Episode Episode cluster based on Inzata Health Care Demo Healthcare Cluster
HCPCS_Dimension Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System dimension Healthcare Dimension
ICD9_Diagnosis_Dimension International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) Diagnosis dimension Healthcare Dimension
ICD10_Diagnosis_Dimension International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) Diagnosis dimension Healthcare Dimension
ICD10_Procedures_Dimension International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) Procedures dimension Healthcare Dimension
LabLifeStyle Lab and Life Style cluster based on InZata Health Care Demo Healthcare Cluster
Medispan Medi-Span drug data cluster by Wolters Kluwer Healthcare Cluster
RevenueCode_Dimension Revenue Code dimension Healthcare Dimension
RiskScore Risk Score cluster Healthcare Cluster
National Provider Identifier (NPI) (HIPAA) Unique identification number for covered health care providers. Covered health care providers and all health plans and health care clearinghouses must use the NPIs in the administrative and financial transactions adopted under HIPAA. Healthcare Dimension
Designated Market Area (DMA) Maps zip code to Nielsen Media DMA (Media coverage areas) for 210 defined Nielsen Designated Market Areas in the US. DMA is a geographic area of the US that represents specific television markets defined by, and annually updated by, Nielsen Media Research. Marketing Dimension
World Port Index (International Shipping Ports data) The World Port Index (Pub 150) contains the location and physical characteristics of, and the facilities and services offered by major ports and terminals world-wide (approximately 3700 entries). Transportation Dimension
Fake & spoof email address filters List of commonly used fake or spoof emails to filter lists of collected webform data Dimension
*dimension=hierarchy of attributes without facts
*cluster=hierarchy of attributes with facts, usually including metrics and reports

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