Inzata helps Club Benchmarking speed the release of new data-centric products & keep their eye on the ball

Club Benchmarking delivers fact-based insights to the public and private golf club industry. Their sophisticated analysis and financial benchmarking produces healthier clubs, more empowered general managers and boards that are properly equipped to focus on strategic issues.

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The Challenge

Launch New Products | Historical Data | Manual Reporting

Dr. Jim Butler, CCM, CCE
Chief Executive Officer

Club Benchmarking was entering a new chapter in the company’s 10-year history. With new leadership and investment, they were on a push to modernize the use of data-driven decision making in the private club industry and fuel hyper-growth.

It sought to improve reach, effectiveness, and speed-to-market of new data-centric products. CB needed to reduce manual efforts around report and dashboard creation, quickly ingest new data types, and simplify the publishing and delivery of key insights to its more than 1,000 private club customers.

The Benefits

The agility to enter new markets

Club Benchmarking was rapidly expanding its business coverage to include public golf clubs alongside its traditional private-club customers. This created a need for rapid ingest and adaptation to numerous new data sources, and that data needed to be standardized quickly in order to provide value to all clients. Inzata provided that agility, empowering their analysts to add new data quickly, and automate the production and distribution of multiple dashboards and benchmarking assets out to customers.

True Partner Experience

“The speed of the data refreshes and the continuing introduction of new features showed Inzata is maturing day by day.

Working with the folks at Inzata has been the best part of the experience. Our lead contact and development contact are very helpful and knowledgeable, going above and beyond our to meet our requests.”

Software + Great Customer Service = Great Experience

“We value the work the team at Inzata have done to get the monthly dashboard to market, and especially the customer service Alex and the team has provided. ”

The Bottom Line

“I don’t believe I’ve seen any other platform that comes close to the value that the Inzata software and the wonderful team surrounding it provides. The continuous innovation they provide is one of the best parts. Where else could you ask for a new feature and have it up and running in 2-3 weeks at no additional cost? I’d recommend them to anyone seeking to take working with data to the next level.”

Denis O’Connell,
Technology Director,
Club Benchmarking