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Connect Your Data

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Connect your data from everywhere — Inzata is guaranteed to connect to ALL your top applications and data sources..

Automatically load, extract & ingest data from real-time sources such as social media, web analytics, data lakes & more!

Get accurate and centralized data in minutes. No SQL or ETL required.

Integrate & Clean Your Data

Delivers 1,000x Faster Than Human Teams

Easily build & visualize large datasets from multiple sources and disparate systems.

Model data in record time — Inzata’s AI instantly organizes your data by removing duplicates, changing data types and automating cleaning tasks.

The best part? It’s 1000x faster than traditional methods.

Clean Your Data automatically with Inzata Data Analysis Software

Join & Enrich With One Click

Build Data Models Instantly

Combine and enrich your data with ease. Inzata offers more than 40+ curated data enrichments from quality sources like Experian and the US Census Bureau.

Enhance your datasets with demographics, geography data and MORE to uncover trends in just a few clicks!

Plus, perform predictive, statistical and spatial analytics with no coding.

Data Enrichments for Inzata Data Analysis Software

Enrichment Partners for Inzata Data Analysis Software

Explore Your Data

Share Your Dashboards

Analyze data YOUR way — filter, aggregate and visualize large datasets with Inzata’s drag-and-drop report builder.

Create stunning & effective dashboards and reports with over 800+ visualizations to choose from.

Showcase your findings with embedded dashboards on your website or share directly with colleagues to make informed decisions. Do less work, get all the kudos.

Online Dashboards on Inzata Data Analysis Software

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Optional Services

Embedded Dashboards

Easy With Inzata Data Analysis Software

Streamline your external reporting — embed dashboards on your website to share data and insights with customers, business partners or the general public. See a live embedded dashboard with Inzata customer, School District of Manatee County.
Embedded Dashboard on Inzata Data Analysis Software
Dashboards as a Service offered by Inzata Data Analysis Software


Let us do the analytics work for you.

Fully outsource your reporting — get access to data analysts, report builders and Inzata experts that are dedicated to your goals.

We’ll create custom dashboards, analytics and reports that perfectly align with your needs. Contact us for more details.

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