Addendum To Privacy Policy

More information on cookies

Cookies used for correct functioning of the website

We use some cookies to ensure that our website functions correctly, such as:-

  • To determine your language;
  • To save your search history on our website.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the use of these cookies other than by stopping the use of our website.

Third-party functions

Our website, just like most websites, also includes third-party functionalities. For example, “Follow us” panel by Linkedin included in the website. If these cookies are disabled, this will likely block the functionalities provided by these third parties.

Social network cookies

There are several cookies that are used by social network services for tracking the use of embedded services etc. For this purpose, we provide on our website buttons intended for sharing contents on these networks.

We use following social network cookies:

Linkedin (More information).

The consequences related to the protection of privacy in this area will differ among the individual social networks and will depend on the personal data protection settings chosen on these networks.

Visitors’ statistics cookies

We also use cookies to draw up visitor statistics, e.g. to determine how many people have visited our website, which type of technology they used (e.g. Mac or Windows – this helps us determine in which cases our website does not work as it should for specific technologies), what time they spent on our website, which page they viewed the most, etc. This helps us continuously improve our website. These programs, so called “analytics”, also indicate how people reached the website (e.g. from Google search engines) and whether they had already visited it previously – this helps us spend more money to develop the services for you instead of spending for marketing expenses.

We use following visitors’ statistics cookies:

Google Analytics (More information).

Advertising cookies

Cookies are very commonly used in online advertising. Neither we nor our advertising partners can obtain personal data from these cookies. You can disable almost all advertising cookies through your web browser even though we would prefer if you did not do so, as advertising helps keep most of the internet content free of charge. It should also be emphasized that disabling advertising cookies does not mean that advertisements will no longer be displayed – they will merely not be personalized.

We use following advertising cookies:

Google AdWords (More information).

Facebook pixel (More information).

HubSpot (More information).

Remarketing cookies

Occasionally, you may notice that an increased number of specific advertisements are displayed after you have visited a website. The reason is that the advertisers pay for such advertisements. The technology that enables this uses cookies, specifically “remarketing cookies”. We use these advertisements to make special offers, to motivate you to return to our site. You should not worry about this – we are unable to address you actively as the entire process is fully anonymous. You can disable these cookies at any time, as explained above.

We use following remarketing cookies:

Google AdWords (More information).

Administration of cookies settings

In order to ensure your protection in conformity with the law, we are not allowed to use all cookies without having your prior consent. To this end, we divide the cookies we use into two categories. Those necessary for correct functioning of the website or performance of a service you require from us, on the one hand, and other cookies, on the other hand. The former category is described above in this information message and we can use these cookies even without your consent.

Disabling or limiting cookies

In most cases, you can disable cookies by modifying the browser settings in that you disable cookies in the browser. If you do so, you will limit the functioning of our website, as well as many websites worldwide, because cookies form a standard part of a majority of modern websites. In respect of cookies, you might be concerned about “spyware”. Please note that rather than by disabling cookies in your browser, you can attain the same objective by installing an anti-spyware software that automatically removes cookies considered invasive.

Below, you can find a link to the cookie’s settings in individual browsers:

From time to time we may change the cookies used on our website. If you are interested in which specific cookies are used ,please do not hesitate and contact us at

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