Inzata’s AI-Powered data analysis products let you quickly
organize and explore all your data visually, with no coding or SQL.

Learn what AI-Powered data analysis tools can do for you.

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data connectors - connect and load your data, wherever it is

Start with Any Raw Data from Any Source.

User-friendly, visual data analysis products for connecting to any kind of data – anywhere its stored.  Create visual data pipelines to instantly pull data from your favorite applications, both in-house and SaaS, enterprise systems, ERP, CRM, data lakes, SQL and No-SQL databases, data warehouse and data marts.

Quickly ingest data from a wide variety of enterprise and cloud sources:

  • Over 200 real-time API connectors to SaaS applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Workday, and Google Analytics.
  • Connect to semi-structured data lakes in Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, S3, SQL databases and Azure.
  • Users can also upload local data files (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML.)
  • Inzata’s data analysis software intelligently detects and classifies your data source and transforms it into a visual, graphical format – ideal for point-and-click interactive profiling.

AI-Powered Data Discovery & Data Modeling

Go from raw data to powerful analytics in record time!

You don’t have to do it alone.  

Inzata is the first and only Artificial Intelligence assistant platform for data exploration and modeling. No other data analysis tools offer these powerful, time saving features. Data analysts save an average of 80 hours per month by eliminating mundane data prep and data munging tasks with Inzata.

Navigate through more data faster with the help of a powerful AI-assistant. Data analysis software automatically profiles data, offering up new insights and suggestions based on real-time data analysis. Classify values, understand context, and capture subtle relationships between data.

Inzata enables anyone to visually integrate and blend data from multiple sources and types, like social media, CRM, ERP Hadoop, or data warehouses―whether cloud or on-premise.  Native connectivity to Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik flows data into your data visualization tools at maximum speed.


Built in One-Click-Enrichments™ to make your data even more insightful.

Everyone agrees that having more data about a subject deepens understanding and improves analytical value. Data analysis software with the ability to automatically enrich data puts this power just one-click away.  Inzata’s One-Click-Enrichments™ allow you to augment your data with a number of publicly and commercially sourced enrichment datasets. Our enrichments include: Geocoding, Advanced Consumer and Place Demographics, Political Data overlays, Weather data, and Healthcare Diagnosis Codes.

Enrichments vastly improve the quality and business value of your data, filling in any holes, and allowing you to answer more advanced questions. Use outside enrichments to organize and classify your data to tell a more vivid story about what happened, what will happen, and why. Inzata’s data analysis products instantly add enrichments and hierarchies to your data to open up new dimensions for visualizing, filtering, grouping and displaying your data.

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AI-powered Data Analysis Tools, Data Analysis Software, Data Dashboards
AI-powered Data Analysis Tools, Data Analysis Software, Data Dashboards

Data Quality & Cleansing
Data Profiling

Nobody likes manually cleaning data. So we built AI to do it.

Inzata provides intuitive, visual and interactive data analysis software for business users to onboard, profile, and curate quality information. Inzata’s AI instantly scans every field in new datasets and gives you a statistical grade of its quality, column by column, helping you pinpoint problem areas and quickly clean them up.

Whether it’s duplicate records, missing fields, standardization, or structural issues, Inzata’s data analysis software engine instantly alerts you to problem areas and gives you a roadmap for correcting them, far faster than human data stewards. Clean data from Inzata can also be exported and re-uploaded to source systems or other data analysis products to correct problems at the source.


Data Visualization

Build beautiful data dashboards with rich, colorful, interactive Data Visualizations to quickly summarize complex information and communicate insights and conclusions.

Most data analysis products offer only a handful of proprietary enrichments. Inzata supports hundreds of vivid, animated visualizations through its support of mature visualization libraries like D3.js.

Visualize your data with beautiful, interactive pictures, graphs, charts, maps and more–all in a single, intuitive, mobile-friendly dashboard.

AI-powered Data Analysis Tools, Data Analysis Software, Data Dashboards
data analysis products

Data Monetization

Data Monetization is a modern gold mine for companies with the tools and know-how to do it properly, generating new revenue from assets they already have. Work with the leader among business data monetization companies.

A quality big data operation can become an asset in its own right. If you have data professionals and the right software in place and people already generating insights, you can offer those insights as products to the market. Businesses today are desperate for high quality information on topics that affect them.


Prep, Clean and
Model Data with AI

Automated AI data profiling, preparation, and

Integrate, blend, and load data into visual business
models with ease

Instant joins, fuzzy-matching, and automatically fix
data quality problems

Big Data analysis software brought together with
powerful AI

Enterprise Scale,
Hyper Agility

Enterprise-grade data engine & file based data
repository, built with OpenCL,  REST API and featuring Apache Spark and Kafka.

Columnar storage structure, In-memory execution,
smart micro-caching for ultra-high performance in
public or private cloud

Data is always kept protected and secure, MFA,
encrypted connections and Secure-FTP

Inzata is offered as Software-as-a-Service, in
a virtual private cloud or as an on-premises

Smart Insights
and Visuals

Create intuitive and engaging visuals for any
audience. Let your data tell its story.

Interactive dashboards reveal answers to
questions, hidden trends, and make your business
more data-driven.