Increase the value of
ALL your data with One Click

Any data analyst will tell you, the best way to improve the
value of your data is by enriching it with external sources
that improve your understanding.


Inzata offers more than 40 data enrichments and our AI will automatically recommend suitable enrichments based on the type of data you load into Inzata.

Inzata is able to auto-detect when you load location-based data and will automatically recommend suitable geo-spatial enrichments and show where they can be appended.

Use Cases

If you’re studying insurance leads, knowing their average income and credit ratings will let you quickly select the best prospects.

If you’re analyzing healthcare data, being able to quickly associate text to diagnosis codes is critical for cluster analysis and labeling your analytics for easy consumption by your audience.

In analyzing retail customers, overlaying geographic coordinates based on addresses, drive time, traffic patterns, and weather helps with understanding seasonality and predicting future sales.



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