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Improve the value and precision of your data – enrich data with just one click!


Connect and cleanse data from spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud applications, and more.

Inzata offers more than 40 curated data enrichments – from quality sources like Experian and the US Census Bureau and Dept. of Labor

Easily join data from multiple sources, and automatically repeat joins for new data

Perform predictive, statistical and spatial analytics using an intuitive user interface, without writing code

Access our list of enrichments
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Profile your best customers so you can target prospects just like them. Enrich your data directly from Inzata from more than 30 commercial sources from names like Experian, Acxiom and Melissa Data. Add all kinds of data elements including household income, age, gender, presence of children, number of adults, marital status, home owner/renter, length of residence, dwelling type and credit card information. Access to over 2 billion records with information on 250 million U.S. consumers and households, nationwide.

  • Identify customer traits that you can leverage for targeted marketing
  • Standardize customer addresses for targeted mailing
  • Profile your customers for upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and retention programs by truly knowing your customers


What impact does weather have on your business? Can environmental conditions be used to predict or forecast business outcomes?

  • How does weather affect store traffic?
  • What products do better when temperatures are abnormally high?
  • Do accident claims increase during certain weather conditions?
  • How does traffic and road construction affect your store traffic?

Inzata offers comprehensive historical weather enrichments for every single day going back 5 years for every location in North America.   Apply geo-based environmental analysis to your business data to see what others can’t see, and uncover the facts.


More than a dozen healthcare-specific enrichments covering National Provider Identifiers, pharmaceutical, condition & diagnosis codes.

If you’re analyzing healthcare data, being able to quickly associate text to diagnosis codes is critical for cluster analysis and labeling your analytics for easy consumption by your audience.

Includes National Provider Index (NPI), Lab & Lifestyle Cluster, Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups, HCPCS, ICD9 & ICD10 Diagnosis codes, Patient Risk Scoring & Medispan drug data.


Power up business decisions and deepen understanding with geospatial data and analysis.

Optimize your marketing campaigns, sales territories, logistics, or service coverage.

Working with GeoSpatial data used to be difficult and error-prone.

With built-in spatial analytics, Inzata enables anyone to unleash geospatial intelligence.


Curated data from more than 100 public sector and government sources. 

US Census, American Housing Survey, Department of Labor, etc.

Data from federal, state and local government and non-government agencies.

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