Combine data from ANY source
The fastest way to model your data into descriptive business models
Make it easy for everyone to work with data and drive better decisions

Powerful Real-Time Analytics That Transform Your Business

Create stunning and effective dashboards & reports
Gather, clean and blend data automatically
Ask & answer complex questions about your data in seconds

An Entirely New Data Technology Designed to Deliver Real-Time Insights

Bring in data from hundreds of sources, combine streaming and historical data to detect trends, relationships and hidden opportunities
Chart for data analytics methods comparing old technology and spreadsheets with Inzata, a fast new data analytics platform that automates the process of cleaning and transforming your data
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With Inzata you CAn:

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Stream, analyze & act on your data in real-time
Combine historical data with real-time streaming metrics for the most accurate decisions & forecasting
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Connect to hundreds of streaming sources
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Quickly explore, understand & apply structure to data
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Analyze & take action
Inzata simplifies big data for advanced analytics and real-time use cases that
drive business innovation.

Polk County Schools Case Study in Data Analytics

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Polk County Case Study for Data Analytics Inzata Platform in School Districts

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