Corporate Vision Magazine Names Inzata Best AI-Powered Big Data Analytics Platform

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Corporate Vision Magazine Names Inzata Best AI-Powered Big Data Analytics Platform

US Company Poised To Become Major Player in Growing Data Analytics Sector

TAMPA, FLORIDA, MARCH 22, 2023  — UK-based Corporate Vision Magazine named US-based technology firm Inzata as the Best AI-Powered Big Data Analytics Platform as part of the media outlet’s 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards.

“We are honored to have been selected,” shared Inzata’s COO, Christopher Rafter. “We’re encouraged by the trends in data analytics and are passionate about providing innovative and incredibly fast tools for people to meaningfully analyze and present their data. It’s an exciting time as we venture further into the intelligence age.” 

“We’re especially excited about how our platform is helping the SLED market process large amounts of data from a variety of government sources.” Rafter explained, “The Inzata platform simplifies data pipelines that once drained administrative, educational and government agencies of considerable resources by reducing staff hours and money spent on expensive BI infrastructure. In all cases, implementing our data analytics platform increases data accuracy and cost efficiency by magnitudes. What makes it even more attractive is Inzata’s ease of use, allowing users to make highly-informed decisions that significantly impact their community.”

Corporate Vision chose Inzata for its superior AI technology for data analytics software and unwavering commitment to removing the complexity of transforming raw data at any scale into business intelligence. To this end, the company has methodically built an expert team of engineers and market analysts who stay ahead of the curve and develop innovative, easy-to-use solutions that are changing the way companies leverage data.

Additionally, Inzata’s products have advanced artificial intelligence and machine-learning features, making it possible for non-programmers to navigate a complex data warehouse, data lake or database with ease and swift efficiency. Paired with robust administrative oversight controls, their systems provide functional autonomy with practical guardrails.

Inzata is ideally positioned on the cutting edge of the data management sector, and it’s poised to become a SLED market leader in the coming years as increasing numbers of state agencies and public organizations discover its flexible, powerful and easy-to-use suite of ingestion, modeling and enrichment products.


About Inzata

Inzata is a leading provider of a multifunctional data analytics platform that assists companies rapidly and seamlessly integrate and construct data lakes, data warehouses, and build reports and dashboards. With cutting-edge AI technology, Inzata empowers businesses to analyze and organize real-time data from disparate sources without the need for coding or SQL expertise. Inzata’s platform is preferred by state and local government and school administrators, IT departments and researchers to gain 360-degree insights that drive better decision-making. For further information, please visit us.

About Corporate Vision Magazine

UK-based Corporate Vision is a monthly magazine for global corporate leaders and entrepreneurs perpetually searching for the next big thing. The media platform regularly highlights future-thinking companies that are breaking new ground in various verticals, from tech to marketing and human resources.

With a worldwide circulation surpassing 82,000 subscribers, Corporate Vision is in the hands of some of the world’s biggest market makers, investors and business pioneers, making it an effective networking vehicle for today’s most promising and developing companies. For more information, please visit

About the Corporate Vision Awards

Every year, the editorial board of Corporate Vision chooses standout companies around the globe that are thinking differently, working inventively and deserving of more exposure. Their process involves a public nomination followed by a vetting and decision period. Corporate Vision maintains several awards programs. This year, Inzata enjoyed recognition in the overall corporate excellence category.


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