Data Quality: Making Change a Choice

In the modern world, nothing stays the same for long. We live in a state of constant change; new technologies, new trends and new risks. Yet it’s a commonly held belief that people don’t like change. Which led me to wonder, why do we persist in calling modify management initiatives “change management” if people don’t like alter.

In my experience, I have not found this maxim to be true. Actually, nobody minds change, we evolve plus adapt naturally but what we do not really like is being forced to change. As such, when we make a choice to change, it is often easy, fast and permanent.

To put that into context, change is an external force imposed upon you. For example , if I tell you I want you to change your attitude, you are expected to adapt your patterns of behaviour to comply with my idea associated with your ‘new and improved attitude’. This is difficult to maintain and conflicts with your innate human need to exercise your own free-will. However, if I ask a person to choose your own attitude, this places you in control of your personal patterns of behaviour. You can assess the particular situation and decide the appropriate attitude you will adopt. This…

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