Does Big Data Have a Role in 3D Printing?

Most modern technologies complement each other nicely. For example, advanced analytics and AI can be used collectively to achieve some amazing things, like powering driverless vehicle systems. Big data and machine learning can become used collaboratively to build predictive models, allowing businesses plus decision-makers to react and plan for future events.

It should come as no surprise, then, that big data and 3D printing have a symbiotic nature as well. The real question is not “if” but rather “how” they will influence one another. After all, most 3D prints come from a digital blueprint, which is essentially data. Here are some of the ways in which big data and THREE DIMENSIONAL printing influence one another:

On-Demand and Personalized Manufacturing

One of the things 3D printing has accomplished is to transform the modern manufacturing market to make it more accessible plus consumer-friendly. There are usually many reasons for this.

First, 3D printing offers localized additive manufacturing, which means teams can create and develop prototypes or concepts much faster. The technology can also be augmented to work with a variety of materials, from plastic and fabric to wood plus concrete.

Additionally, the production process itself will be both simplified and sped up considerably. One only needs the proper digital formula…

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