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Step into the world of Inzata, a cutting-edge data analytics technology platform that helps companies explore, transform, join, and visualize their data. With its technical features, user-friendly interface, and streamlined workflows, Inzata offers a higher-level solution for business intelligence that is flexible and efficient.

To achieve more accurate and efficient decision-making, Inzata uses Artificial Intelligence to avoid errors and improve future predictions. Inzata uses Machine Learning to combine diverse data into unified data models. The result offers accurate and meaningful insights, allowing organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.


InVault is your first line of defense, a secure fortress that protects your data from harm. With a program designed to configure security settings, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.


InFlow is your personal stream, a powerful current that carries all your data to one place. Inzata is your trusted partner, frequently releasing new connectors that ensure you have a hassle-free and efficient experience. The platform offers a wide range of connectors like a rainbow of colors that bring your data to life. From social media connectors for Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to Google Analytics, Dropbox, OneDrive, PayPal, and HubSpot connectors, among many others.


InModeler program is the first of its kind on the market that uses the power of machine learning to automatically combine data from different sources using connectors into unified data models. The experience is like watching magic as diverse data sources come together seamlessly, like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.



InBoard is where creativity meets functionality, a sensory wonderland that empowers customers to visualize and create reports and dashboards. The platform offers a wide range of charts in various colors, like a painter’s palette that allows you to express your ideas with style. You can import pictures and logos like a work of art that reflects your creative vision.

InViewer is your personal theater, a program designed for viewing and sharing your dashboards. The experience is like being in a movie theater as a director, where your data comes to life on a big screen, capturing the whole hard-working path that you have taken to get there.

Inzata has a user-friendly interface, with a program design that is easy to understand and use without coding expertise. With clear instructions and visually appealing graphics, exploring and analyzing data is a breeze, regardless of the user’s background or technical skills.

Additionally, Inzata provides companies with a cutting-edge data analytics platform that offers a technical solution for business intelligence. It uses Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning to help businesses make better decisions. Inzata Platform provides data analytics programs, making it easy for everyone to explore and analyze data. With Inzata, users do not need to have technical skills or expertise to uncover insights into their data. The Inzata platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, enabling users to gain insights and understand their data.

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