Businesses today are desperate for high quality information on topics they care about.

Can your data give it to them?


Monetizing data is a modern gold mine for
companies who know how to do it properly.
Generate new revenue from assets you
already have.

Your business data can often have significant economic value both inside and outside your immediate organization.

If you’re like most businesses, you probably have unique insights to offer, (meaning no one else has anything quite like it.) Everyone wants to be more data-driven these days, but the problem is often where to get that data. Businesses today are desperate for high quality information on topics they care about, and smart businesses are realizing they can safely and securely generate significant revenue from their data without sacrificing information security.

In the financial sector, we see major players regularly selling the analysis they’ve gleaned from their existing efforts. Social media companies like Facebook and LinkedIn generate billions every year offering insights into people’s preferences, habits and behaviors. Being able to get insights out of your data is more valuable than being able to collect and process it, and others who’ve struggled to complete that final step will often pay well to not have to do it themselves. Your journey starts here.

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FAQ: What is data monetization?

With Data Monetization, businesses and organizations create valuable new revenue and profit streams by providing curated analytics to various audiences that are based around data they’ve already collected.

  • Uber let people start monetizing their private automobiles, an underutilized asset that sat in their driveway most of the time..
  • AirBnB lets people monetize their vacation properties.

Just like Uber and AirBnB’s assets, data can be securely monetized with no risk to the owning organization, and can generate significant, recurring, high-margin returns for your business.

Is Data Monetization the same as selling my data?

No. In fact we don’t recommend you sell your data. You worked hard to get it and it’s a valuable asset for you. Data Monetization is focused around offering access to the insights your data can provide to your target audience. Your core data is never sold or traded. What your buyers see are trends and other useful information derived from your data. There is no issue with consumer privacy laws, Data is automatically de-identified and anonymized by Inzata to ensure compliance. Inzata’s tools have passed numerous security and privacy audits.

How can I turn my data into recurring revenue?

To start generating real value from your business data, you need Data Monetization tools like Inzata that produce the curated analytics & manage the secure subscription process. You need these key features:

  1. Ability to create compelling curated insights, interactive visuals, and beautiful data dashboards showcasing your most valuable assets and insights.
  2. Automated data pipelines to ensure they’re kept fresh
  3. Built-in data enrichments from sources like Experian to provide enhanced value
  4. Dataset and Row-level security to control access
  5. Centralized control over subscriber roles & policy controls.
  6. Auditing and monitoring of subscriber users
  7. Customer feedback mechanisms
  8. Marketing assistance
  9. Online signup (credit card or Paypal) for new subscribers
  10. 24/7 subscriber support and feedback

Inzata’s data monetization tools also manage and control the secure access to these data assets, and enable you to launch fee-based access to these analytics. Inzata has tools to manage this entire process for you, from the loading and organizing of your data to the delivery of real-time insights to your customers and subscribers. Inzata also protects the security and privacy of your data.



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